Waterproofing Services

Do you know your building structure is at risk?

Foundation is the base of a building that upholds the structure of the building safe. If a foundation is weak, it means your building and your lives are at risk. The most common reason for the damaged foundations is water. The use of water is irresistible in our daily routine. A proper disposal of water is always necessary. As we know that water always seeks the quickest way to exit, weeping taps, leaking drain pipes, water backflow let the water sink in the foundation of your house that may cause serious damages to the structure of your building. The water first damages the outer look of your building then inner structure. Waterproofing is the only way to keep your building secure and prevent potential water amages.

Typically people neglect the waterproofing while the new constructions considering it unnecessary. But after a time period, water infiltration damages, moist, cracked walls, leaky roofs, leaking water tanks, flooding basements, and swollen floors compel them to consider the importance of waterproofing.

What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a concrete technology used to prevent the inner and outer structure of a building from potential damages of water and moist. Waterproofing enhances the value of a property as well.

Types of waterproofing

Brick Bet Waterproofing is used to close the cracks and water seepages and concealing the untidy marks on the walls. In addition, to give an elegant look to the exterior of your house china mosaic tiles are used for the coverage.

Poly Acrylic Chemical Coating

Poly Acrylic chemical coating is highly technical waterproofing technique to seal the cracks and seepages on the walls and terrace. It is a strong waterproof base that not only secures the structure of the house but also strengthens it. Basically in this technique, the damages are covered with the Poly Acrylic Chemical coating. Afterward, the surface is covered with the white cement.

Pre-Monsoon Roof Repair

The leaking and damaged roofs should better to go for pre-monsoon repairs as it is best suitable for avoiding leakages in future and maintain the safety of structure during rains.

Cementitious waterproofing

Cementitious waterproofing is most convenient and easiest waterproofing method. This type of waterproofing is commonly used for inside wet areas such as toilets. Therefore, it has fewer risks of contraction and expansion process.

Why choose California Plumber for waterproofing of your house?

California Plumber has waterproofing specialist plumbers who are well familiar with all advanced techniques and methods of waterproofing and they use the high-quality material for the safety of your building. Our plumbers are certified, professional and highly skilled in their field. Our plumbers take a complete inspection and recommend the best suitable waterproofing method for your building that may provide you maximum protection from water and damp damages. We offer the waterproofing for the following areas of your building;

  • Basements/Walls
  • Bathrooms/Kitchen
  • Balconies/Roofs
  • Water tanks/Swimming pools
  • Sump Pumps

Call us for the convenient waterproofing services.