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    Water Heater Replacement Tips

    Water Heater Replacement Tips

    Now You Can Replace Your Water Heater by Your Own

    As the winters set in, turning on the water heater is the first thing that everybody never forgets to do. Water heaters are essential for every home because nobody want to take a chill shower in freezing cold. It is always suggested that maintenance work should be done before the season set in as it can be time taking process. If your water heater has gone out of order and you need to replace it what will you do? Obviously you will call nearby 24 hour plumber Los Angeles. If you are going to opt out a DIY job then you should know about the basics of replacing water heater. In this article we are going to tell you about the basic tips about how to replace your water heater. Water Heater Replacement

    First and foremost, check out the brand and model of your heater and provided instruction by the company. You must have clear set of instructions for replacement set wise. Collect all the necessary tools needed for the operation like screwdriver, wrench, hacksaw etc. Before you proceed to the work, make it sure the electricity or gas supply connected to the water heater should be shut off. Let the air of water heater drain out. Start removing the wiring one by one. Remove the water pipes manually and if not possible, use hacksaw to cut them out. If the process is not going smooth and obstacles are arising call 24 hour plumber Los Angeles.

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    Take out the old water heater device and place the new one. Make it sure that the device is exactly placed at the position of the prior one so that the replacement may set correctly. Next step is fixing the water and gas or electricity supply with the device. Make it sure that you have attached all the parts mentioned in the booklet of the device. Turn on the connection and check if the replacement has been done accurately and the device is working properly and there is no leakage. If find any leakage or the water heater is not working properly immediately call 24 hour plumber Los Angeles. For more information about water heaters, check out our related articles.